Cafe & Lounge

A portion of the success of any café lounge is measured by the culture and atmosphere the organisation attains. Our vision underpins the belief that the atmosphere of the café, the warm colours, the peaceful sound and the aroma of fresh expresso attracts our targeted customers. Our fresh beverages and delicious desserts are irresistible as they fulfil our client’s expectations. This is evident based on the unforgettable taste locked in our client’s senses.

The Highlands Café Lounge offers a comfortable environment to relax and reunite with friends or family. With an open fire place and adjoining terrace, the Highlands Café lounge is the perfect place to grab a drink and a nibble during any season. Our café seating area is a comfortable and peaceful environment to ease any tired mind after a long busy day. The smell of coffee pours out of the open doors along with the aroma of a fresh range desserts. Our café menu includes; cappuccino, latte, mocha, short black, iced coffee, iced chocolate, tea and more!

The contrasting use of timber, stone and steel, combined with artistic finishing’s, makes our café lounge the desired place to be.

Every Second Friday - Cop This Band is appearing live from 8:00pm